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Some of the most haunted cities in the world

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Halloween month is upon us and if you are traveling or planning to, visit some of the haunted cities on the list to make your trip more memorable. Some people believe in the supernatural world, some don’t. Be warned, if you are not a believer, this list might change your mind.

London, England


London has the reputation of being one of the most haunted capitals in the world and has numerous ghost stories to give you the chills for a while. There is a story about a man who was walking along the London Wall in 1907 when a hand stretched out of the wall and blocked his way. He apparently turned away for a few seconds then when he looked back, he saw a man in dark clothes walk straight through the wall. Maybe he was drunk and couldn’t see properly, the question is will you be visiting the London Wall the next time you find yourself in England?

Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy


Venice is known for the Poveglia Island, which is often called “the most haunted place in the world.” This is the former home to an exiled colony of plague victims, as well as an evil asylum. It is said that the haunted island has hosted over 160 000 plague-infected souls, meaning that 50% of the soil consists of human remains. The island is allegedly haunted and is totally off limits to any visitors. Makes one wonder what is really hidden on the island. The closest any visitors can get to it is on a boat ride. Let’s just hope that ghosts can’t swim.

Paris, France

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Yes, the famous Paris has some spooky secrets of its own. In Le Musee des Vampires, visit the world’s only real vampire hunter and his finds. Have your own real-life Twilight experience. Or you can venture to Rue Chanoinesse to visit the ghost of the man who was the inspiration for Sweeney Todd, a local barber who killed his victims, boiled their bodies, and finally served their meat in patties. Next time you’re in Paris, find out what your patties are made of in case there is a copycat running around. The famous Eiffel Tower is said to contain the ghost of a young girl who had planned to break up with her boyfriend the same night he intended to propose to her. The proposal ended badly and the boyfriend pushed her off the tower. It is said that people can hear her laughter, and her ghostly figure can be seen from time to time.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has a very gruesome history. One specific place is the South Bridge Vaults. These vaults were built in the 18th century and their purpose was to house taverns and cobblers, but after some hectic floods killed many people in the vaults, they were then left abandoned. Homeless people started moving in there and illegal business such as brothels were booming. The body snatchers, Burke and Hare reportedly hunted their victims in the vaults and sold their corpses to medical schools. Paranormal activity has become the norm at the Edinburgh Castle. The staff has become accustomed to hearing music, footsteps, and voices.

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New Orleans, Louisiana


This city has violent and tragic past, marked by the yellow fever epidemic and the tragic fires. That is the cause of the ghosts that roam around New Orleans. Sounds of the dead are said to reverberate through Jackson Square in the French Quarter. If you’re looking for a truly horrific experience, make sure to visit the LaLaurie Mansion, home of Madame LaLaurie, one of the world’s most infamous serial killers. Maybe some of her victim’s souls are trapped in the house with no escape. Go and find out for yourself.

San Antonio, Texas

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San Alamo also happens to be home to the supernatural. It’s said that the grounds of San Fernando Cathedral are frequented by shadowy figures and spirits after sundown, and visitors often report seeing hooded monks and men dressed in black. Spirits that belong to Texan soldiers have allegedly been left behind. Tour guides and ghost hunters believe the city is full of ghosts, both friendly and nasty ones who haunt the hotels, museums and the streets. Make sure not to walk alone at night to avoid any surprises.

Dublin, Ireland


Dublin is another mysterious city that has spooky secrets. Not only is Connolly Station allegedly haunted by a poltergeist, but Dublin has the famous Hellfire Club as well. Originally designed as a hunting lodge for the rich, rumours of black masses and animal sacrifices soon spread. Glasnevin Cemetery is visited by the ghost of an old gentleman, who takes his drinks at the bar and then vanishes. If you’re ever in Dublin craving a drink and company, try the cemetery, maybe the drinking ghost will keep you company, as visitors often report whispers, voices, and cold hands grabbing them.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Grave SiteCredit:

Prague also has its own collection of legends and ghosts. One of Prague’s most famous ghosts is the Mad Barber, a lost soul condemned to walk the streets at night. He lost his wife and went mad with grief. The mad barber slashed at passersby with his razor and was beaten to death by soldiers.

The city of Prague is often considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. Apart from beautiful architecture and a rich history, The Begging Skeleton, one of Prague’s friendliest ghosts, tries to beg money from drunks. He was said to have been a beautiful and tall, but very poor, young man. A medical professor asked him if he would sell his skeleton. The young man agreed but died shortly after in a bar fight. His skeleton still roams the streets of Prague, trying to collect enough money to finally buy himself free. If you ever have some extra cash and you’re feeling generous, go give the beggar some money and help him to be free.

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