Online Multi-Hand High Speed Poker Gold

Online Multi-Hand High Speed Poker Gold, or High Speed Poker for short, is an online poker game that — just as the name suggests — is fast paced, action packed, and very exciting. It even has a Bonus Bet to add even more excitement along with the chance to win big Bonus payouts.

How to Play Online High Speed Poker

Online High Speed Poker Gold is very similar to, but not exactly the same as, the Ante-and-Play portion of online 3-Card Poker. You start your online High Speed Poker game by selecting your coin size and placing your bet in the Ante circle on the virtual poker table. (You may also place a Bonus bet at this time; more on the Bonus bet later on.) Click the Deal button and you will receive three cards face up and the dealer will receive three cards face down.

After examining your cards, you must decide whether to Fold or to Play. If you Fold, the game is over and you lose your Ante bet. As a matter ofpoker strategy, folding is a way to keep your losses to a minimum if your hand does not look promising and you think you are likely to lose the game.

If you choose to Play, an additional Play bet, equal to your Ante bet, is placed in the Play circle on the table. The dealer then turns his cards over, the hands are compared, and a winner is determined.

The dealer needs at least a Queen High hand to qualify. If the dealer fails to qualify, your Ante bet pays 1:1 and your Play bet pushes, meaning it is returned to you without winning or losing. If the dealer does qualify and your hand beats the dealer’s, your Ante bet and Play bet both pay 1:1. In addition, and irrespective of whether or not you beat the dealer, the top 3-card poker hands will award you an Ante Bonus as follows:

  • Straight Flush: 7 to 1
  • Three of a Kind: 4 to 1
  • Straight: 1 to 1

The Bonus Bet in High Speed Poker

The Bonus Bet in online High Speed Poker Gold is an optional side bet that you can place at the beginning of the High Speed Poker game. The outcome of the Bonus Bet is based solely on your three cards. The dealer’s cards, and whether you win or lose the main game, are of no relevance whatsoever.

These are the payouts you can win on the Bonus Bet when you play High Speed Poker online:

  • Three of a kind pays 27:1
  • Three cards of the same suit pays 6:1
  • Three cards of the same colour pays 2:1

Play Up To Five Hands of Online High Speed Poker

As you can tell from the full name of the game, Multi-Hand High Speed Poker Gold is a multi-hand online casino game that allows you to play up to five hands at one time. Each hand is played just as described above: place your Ante bet and your optional Bonus bet, deal the cards, fold or play, and turn over the dealer’s cards to see who won.

All five of your hands are played against a single dealer’s hand. It is possible to win all five hands, to lose them all, or to win some and lose some. The one thing that is for sure is that playing five hands at once will bring you five times the online casino fun, five times the online casino excitement, and five chances to win in every game.

Play Multi-Hand High Speed Poker Gold at All Slots

With a fast-paced high-speed base game, a Bonus bet that can award big Bonus payouts, and a multi-hand format for five times the fun, there is a lot to love about Multi-Hand High Speed Poker Gold. Play Multi-Hand High Speed Poker Gold online at All Slots Casino and see how much high-speed multi-hand fun you can have.

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