Jackpot Factory Online Slots

All Slots Online Casino is proud to be a member of the Jackpot Factory group of casinos. It is also proud to carry the Jackpot Factory online slot game. The Jackpot Factory casino group and the Jackpot Factory online slot machine have one thing in common: they manufacture jackpots!

The Jackpot Factory Manufactures Jackpots

When you look at the online slot machine  symbols in the Jackpot Factory, they appear to be exactly as you would expect to see in any old factory, whether it is manufacturing automobiles or washing machines or electric toasters. There is an assortment of factory workers going about their work, and there are the ordinary factory tools and equipment: wrenches, work gloves, work boots, hard hats, high-voltage electric switches, a robot to carry out the most dangerous tasks, and the like.

Now take a closer look, and you will see that this is no ordinary factory. The work boots are not steel-toed boots, they’re gold-toed boots, and they have a wad of money in them too. The hard hat is filled with gold coins and paper money. Even the wrench is made of gold.

Now it becomes clear. This factory doesn’t manufacture automobiles or washing machines or electric toasters. It manufactures real money jackpots!

Playing Jackpot Factory Online Slots

Now that you understand what the Jackpot Factory is all about, you can start to play the Jackpot Factory online casino slots  game and try to manufacture some jackpots for yourself. The Jackpot Factory is a 5-reel, 15-payline, and 150-coin online slot machine, loaded with great online slots features.

All of the Jackpot Factory’s special features are designed to make it easier for you to manufacture a jackpot while playing slots online. There is a Scatter symbol, so you can win a jackpot even if the winning slot machine symbols aren’t on an enabled payline. There is a Wild symbol, to help you complete a winning jackpot combination. And there is a great Free Spins bonus game.

Free Spins in the Jackpot Factory Online Slot Machine

The free spins bonus game is activated when three or more Switch symbols appear on an enabled payline. Of course, 3, 4, or 5 Switch symbols themselves form a winning combination, so you have already won a jackpot before you even start your free spins.

When the Free Spins bonus game is activated, you will see five crates lying on the factory floor, each one labeled with the name of a Jackpot Factory casino. Pick a crate — it will tell you how many free spins you get. Now pick another crate — it will tell you the multiplier value of your free spins. Then the free spins start spinning automatically, and the jackpots come rolling in. And the best part is that you are guaranteed to win something on every free spin. Now that’s a factory that is really producing.

Welcome to the Factory

Welcome to the Jackpot Factory group of casinos, and welcome to the very special Jackpot Factory online slot machine. Play Jackpot Factory slots online and start manufacturing your own slots jackpots today!
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