Major Millions 5-Reel Progressive Slots

Five-reel Major Millions is an online progressive slots game for people who love two things: the military and money. But not necessarily in that order.

Online Slots with Military and Monetary Themes

The military theme is amply represented in the 5-reel Major Millions online slot game. The online slot machine symbols include the Major, a tank, an airplane, a battleship, medals, a case of ammunition, a top-secret letter, the major’s hat, and field binoculars. The twin themes of military and money are also present in the sound effects: you will hear a rousing military marching band overlaid with the unmistakable “ka-ching” of a cash register.

And yet, the Major Millions online slot machine cannot truly be called militaristic. All of the military symbolism seems softened and playful. The tank, manned by a rather befuddled-looking soldier, shoots a flag that says “Bang!” And the airplane, sporting a big smile on its underbelly, drops coins instead of bombs. So there is definitely something tongue-in-cheek about the military bravado of Major Millions. The real theme of the Major Millions online slot game is money — the big real-money jackpots that you can win if you get lucky enough playing slots online.

The Major Millions Progressive Slots Jackpot

Major Millions has everything you expect to see in a top-notch online slot machine. It has 15 paylines, giving the player many chances to win. It has payouts whenever you get three or more of the same symbol on an enabled payline. It has a wild symbol, which substitutes for any other slots symbol to create a winning combination, and triples your payout in the bargain. It has a scatter symbol, which wins whenever three or more of them appear anywhere on the online slot machine, regardless of paylines. These are all advantageous features in any online slotsgame.

But the main draw of Major Millions online slots is the progressive slots jackpot. The progressive jackpot starts at a certain sum. Then, every time someone plays Major Millions in any Microgaming online casino — including All Slots Online Casino — more money gets added to the jackpot. There is no limit, the jackpot can keep growing into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars. In fact, when you play Major Millions, you can actually see the progressive slots jackpot growing on the Jackpot Meter right on your computer screen. Then, when someone hits the winning combination — five Major Millions symbols on the 15th payline — and that lucky online slots player wins the entire progressive jackpot.

There Is Also a 3-Reel Major Millions Online Progressive Slot Machine

The Major Millions progressive online slot machine also comes in a 3-reel 3-payline version. The symbols are different on the 3-reel Major Millions online slot machine. They are less military, and more inclined to the traditional slot machine symbols, such as the ever-popular cherries. But the progressive jackpot is exactly the same as in the 5-reel Major Millions slot machine. Just get three Major Millions symbols on the third payline, and the whole jackpot is yours.

Read the Major Millions Online Slot Machine Rules

Before you start to play Major Millions online progressive slots, make sure you have read and understand the rules. In particular, make sure that you understand this most important rule: You must place the maximum bet to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

The maximum bet in Major Millions is 3 credits. In 5-reel Major Millions, that means betting fifteen 0.20-credit coins; in the 3-reel version, it is three 1-credit coins. So the maximum bet is not a huge or unaffordable investment.

There are plenty of good payouts to be won in Major Millions online slots without the progressive jackpot. Five battleships will pay you 800 times the amount of your bet, and five Major Millions symbols will pay you 8,000 times your bet — that’s certainly nothing to complain about. But still, the major excitement in Major Millions is in vying for that huge progressive jackpot. That is what distinguishes Major Millions from the hundreds of other online slot machines. So the best Major Millions slot machine strategy is to bet the max and give yourself a chance to win the big one.

You, Too, Can Win the Major Millions Progressive Jackpot

Winning a million dollars on one lucky spin of Major Millions progressive online slots sounds like a dream. But it is a dream that has come true for regular real people, and it can come true for you too.

Anne C. of Scotland won 1,094,112 British pounds on Major Millions online slots. Joaquim M., won 1,453,610 Euros. And Jim L., a veteran of the United States Navy, won 1,626,184 American dollars. These folks are all real people, leading regular lives, who just happened to play slots online and to hit the right Major Millions slot machine symbols on the right payline. It might sound impossible, but it could happen to you, too, if you play the Major Millions online progressive slot machine and get very lucky!

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