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Playing Royal Derby on Your Android

Thanks to the miracle of advanced technology, Royal Derby is more than an Android horse racing game. It virtually recreates the entire process of betting on horses.

The process takes place over a number of screens to maximize your number of options.

  • The first screen shows you the six horses that will be competing in that particular race. You get to see the odds on each horse.
  • When you choose a horse, you go to the next screen, which shows you previous performances, as well as a ticker-tape across the top of what the experts are saying about the horse. You place your bet on the horse on that screen.
  • When you hit the race button, the horses are off and running. The final screen shows you the photo finish, and lets you know if you won, and the total of your winnings.

Exciting Casino Games for Android Phones

The Android horse racing game is one of eleven games currently available at All Slot Android Casino. Other casino games for Android include a variety of slots games, table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, and even instant win scratch cards.

The horse racing game rounds out the options to ensure that everyone can find what he or she is looking for when they visit

People love to play casino games on their mobile phones because the mobile casino is always open, even when a computer isn’t available. And since most people keep their phones within reach at all times, that means the mobile casino is in reach as well.

There are few sporting events more exciting than the top horse races. Now you can experience the thrill of watching the horses glide gracefully down the track to the finish line on your Android phone with the horse racing game at All Slot Casino.

With Android Royal Derby, you get to spend a day at the races, bet on your favourites, and collect your winnings.

Best of all, you can win real money on the races without downloading any apps to your computer. Just visit and chose the Royal Derby option, and you can play directly through your phone’s Internet browser.

It’s quick and easy, and the small screen of your Android phone perfectly frames the action as the horses bolt down the track, scamper for position, and end with a photo finish.

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