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Roulette on iPad
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Explaining Roulette for iPad

So, with that said, why is this one of the great iPad casino games? The roulette iPad game is a European roulette game. This means that the wheel has pockets from 0 to 36. The way that you play is to place a bet that the ball will fall on a certain number or on one of a collection of numbers, and you’ll then win. At Allslotcasino, the bet types of bountiful and the opportunities to try to win make it very exciting. Certainly, you don’t have to have much roulette strategy to enjoy playing; you may, however, want to become more familiar with the various bet types that you could place.

Bet Types at the All Slots iPad Casino

The bet types at the All Slots iPad Casino include many choices. There are straight up bets where you bet on a single number;

  • There are split bets where you’ll place a bet on two numbers that are adjacent;
  • With a street bet you’ll be betting on three numbers in a row;
  • A square bet offers you a block of four numbers while a line bet includes six numbers that are in two adjacent rows.
  • With a column bet, you’ll be betting on one of the three vertical columns and with a dozen bet you’re betting on twelve numbers that are either high, middle or low.

Finally, for the even-money bet you’ll be placing a bet on 18 numbers. Certainly, the less numbers that you bet on and the higher your risk is, the higher the payout will be if you guess correctly.

Roulette Strategy

Many people when they begin to play roulette or other games want to know if there is strategy involved. While you should know the types of bets and consider how much you want to wager, there isn’t too much other roulette strategy.

This makes the game an enjoyable one to play that has very little pressure attached to it. And that creates more user enjoyment and fun in the process! And all of this can be enjoyed from the iPad, in the comfort of your hand, wherever you need to be with Allslotcasino!

If you love the idea of spinning the wheel and seeing where it lands, without any skill or strategy at stake, then roulette may be the game for you.

And – if you own an iPad then Roulette for iPad is definitely the game of choice on the device of choice. iPad users can all contest to the fact that there is nothing out there quite like it at the moment.

It includes amazingly vivid graphics and a user-friendly format. This makes it a wonderful medium on which to enjoy roulette iPad games today at All Slots.

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