Alessandro M Finds Heaven in Hellboy

All Slots Casino Press Desk

Alessandro M of Italy has won two big jackpots within a span of two months playing Hellboy online slots at All Slots Casino. For Alessandro, Hellboy is truly a slot machine from heaven.

Alessandro’s first big win came in early August to the tune of 36,450 Euros. Forty-seven days later, near the end of September, he hit the Hellboy jackpot again, this time winning 28,882.50 Euros. Taken together, it makes more than 65,000 Euros from Hellboy in less than seven weeks for lucky Alessandro M.

Hellboy is a 5-reel 20-payline online slots game based on the original Hellboy comic books and the Hellboy movies starring Ron Perlman. The Hellboy online slot machine faithfully captures the main characters of the Hellboy series, including Hellboy himself, with his famous Right Hand of Doom, as well as his colleagues Lisa, Abe, Johann, and Trevor.

The Hellboy online slots adventure begins with a thrilling video that introduces Hellboy and his colleagues and showcases the special features of the game, all with brilliant animation and enthralling music.

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