All Slots Casino Launches an Under-the-Sea Slots Adventure

All Slots Casino Press Desk

Dive many leagues under the sea to find a fortune in slots jackpots with Leagues of Fortune, the new online slot machine just released at All Slots Online Casino.

More than a Thousand Ways to WinLeagues of Fortune has a phenomenal 1024 Ways to Win. Ways to Win liberate the online slots player from the restrictions of the traditional payline by allowing a winning way any time three or more of the same symbol appear on adjacent reels of the slot machine. The symbols do not need to fall into any particular pattern; they can appear anywhere as long as they are on adjacent reels starting with the first reel.

To fit in so many winning ways, the creators of Leagues of Fortune had to enlarge the slot machine. While most online slot machines have room for only three symbols to appear on each reel, Leagues of Fortune stretched the slot machine to make room for four. More symbols on each reel means more chances of getting matching symbols and that means more ways to win: 1024 of them.

Loads of Special Features on the Online Slot MachineThe sunken Treasure Chest is a scatter symbol in Leagues of Fortune slots. If two or more of them appear anywhere on the five reels, you win a payout, and if three or more appear, it wakes up the Giant Squid who will start reaching out with his Golden Tentacles.

Every symbol that the Giant Squid touches with his Golden Tentacles becomes instantly transformed into a Free Spins Trigger. One symbol might award you 3 free spins; another might give you 4. When you add them all up you could get as many as 35 free spins, with all free-spins payouts multiplied by 5 for some extra-large online slots jackpots.

The colourful Leagues of Fortune Logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create winning ways. And since the wild symbol is stacked in both the regular slot game and the free spins, it can create multiple winning ways and award multiple jackpots on a single spin of the slot machine reels.

Leagues of Fortune also incorporates the popular Your Gamble feature, which allows winning slot players to decide how much of their winning payout they want to gamble and what odds they want to gamble for.

Destined to Become a HitWith colourful images of underwater deep-sea adventure, 1024 ways to win, a Giant Squid bestowing free spins with a 5X multiplier, stacked wilds, and Your Gamble, it appears virtually certain that Leagues of Fortune will become a big hit among online slots players at All Slots.

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