Lucky Maltese Man Finds a Big Jackpot in a Very Small Country

Malta is one of the tiniest countries in the world, but occasionally it makes itself heard in a big way. Such an event occurred on 8 April when Oreste Z made all Malta proud by winning a jackpot of 7,550 Euros on the Power Spins: Nuclear 9s online slots game at All Slots Casino.

A Little Bit About Malta

Malta is an island nation, comprising three main islands and a bunch of smaller uninhabited islands in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily. The total land area is only 316 square kilometres, about one-eighth the size of Luxembourg. It achieved independence from Great Britain in 1964 and joined the European Union in 2004. Its currency is the Euro and its official languages are English and Maltese. The capital is Valletta and the largest city is Birkirkara, population 22,232. It is in Birkirkara that Oreste Z lives and, in his spare time, plays online casino games at All Slots.

Power Spins: Nuclear 9s Online Slots

Power Spins: Nuclear 9s is a new online slot machine, just released in March, that is already catching on big not only in Malta but all around the world. It has 5 reels and 9 paylines but the best part, as in its predecessors Power Spins: Sonic 7s and Power Spins: Atomic 8s, is the Power Spins feature that allows the player to take control of the game and give himself more chances to win.

In Power Spins: Nuclear 9s, turning on the Power Spins option activates the Rolling Reels feature. After every winning spin, the winning symbols disappear and the reels roll down to fill up the vacated spaces, potentially adding more wins – with multiplied payouts – without an additional wager.

The Rolling Reels, along with the Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol, make Power Spins: Nuclear 9s an attractive choice for online gamblers looking for big payouts like the 7,550 Euro jackpot won on 8 April by Oreste Z of Birkirkara, Malta.

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