Regulated Online Gaming in Canada?

Ontario and other provinces in Canada are also considering whether to follow the example of British Columbia and Quebec and offer online casino gambling to their residents in order to increase revenues for their provinces.

Of course, the Canadian government, like others around the world would prefer that Canadians played only at land-based casinos and therefore keep the revenues in their states. However, many Canadians can already access online gambling sites and therefore this is an irrelevant issue.

Other “facts” presented to try and delegitimize online gambling have also been refuted by recent studies. In a Harvard Medical School study, no correlation was found between problem gambling and the gambling venue. In effect, studies on sports betting confirm that people spend less at online sports books than at land-based ones. In addition, where many instances of land-based casinos allowing problem gamblers or underage gamblers to continue to play, the self-exclusion programs and tight checks made by online casinos reduces these phenomena considerably.

Modern technology provides governments with all the necessary abilities to regulate this market just like any other. The question is which countries will be the first to jump in and check it out. What will the Canadian government’s stand be on this one?

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