All Slots Instant Casino Announces a Super Winner at Super Bonus Bingo

The All Slots Casino Press Desk often has the pleasure of publicly congratulating big winners at the online slot machines. But it has never, until now, had the pleasure of congratulating a big winner at the online Super Bonus Bingo game. The opportunity to finally do so was made possible by Soona D of Australia.

A Top Super Bonus Bingo Champion

Soona, a resident of Clontarf, a suburb of Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland, won AU$ 20,000 at Super Bonus Bingo in the All Slots Instant Casino on 12 October. In fact, Soona had previously won Super Bonus Bingo jackpots of AU$ 5,000 in August and AU$ 3,000 in September. Her latest — and biggest — win definitely puts Soona D in the top tier of Super Bonus Bingo champions worldwide.

The Super Bonus Bingo Game

Super Bonus Bingo is a keno-type online casino game played with bingo balls. The player makes a wager and selects anywhere from two to ten numbers from the eighty numbers available. The Super Bonus Bingo Machine then picks twenty numbered bingo balls. The player wins a payout based on how many numbers she selected and on how many of her selections match the winning numbers on the bingo balls. The top payout is 10,000 times the player’s wager for ten numbers selected and ten matches, so a $2 wager can translate into a $20,000 jackpot — just like the jackpot that Soona D of Clontarf won.

The Bonus in Super Bonus Bingo comes into play when a player has won a payout but not the highest payout; for example, if a player selected ten numbers and got seven matches for a 25X payout. The Bonus game allows her to place an additional wager and receive two more bingo balls, which could, if luck is with her, move her up to eight matches for a 150X payout or even nine matches for a 750X payout.

All Slots Instant Casino

All of Soona’s Super Bonus Bingo jackpots have been won at the All Slots Instant Casino. The main attraction of this no-download flash casino is that it allows you to play real-money online casino games from any computer with an Internet connection without downloading any software. But another, equally compelling, attraction is that the Instant Casino offers a number of interesting and unusual games not yet available at the All Slots Download Casino, including Super Bonus Bingo as well as several online bingo variations such as Ballistic Bingo, Electro Bingo, Mayan Bingo, and Pharaoh Bingo. So even regular players at All Slots Download Casino and All Slots Mobile Casino could find it worth their while to take a virtual trip and check out the games at All Slots Instant Casino. Who knows, you could end up a big Super Bonus Bingo jackpot winner like Soona D.

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