All Slots Introduces Multi-Player Isis Slots

Many online slots players have found that playing slots online is a wonderful leisure-time activity, especially with a great online slot machine like Isis, but nevertheless complain that the very nature of the online slot game, pitting the player against the machine with nobody else around, can be somewhat isolating. All Slots Casino has now addressed the problem directly and introduced Multi-Player Isis, a new online slot game that allows you to play Isis slots together with other members of the worldwide online slots community and say goodbye forever to the loneliness of the online slots player.

Multi-Player Isis is played in a virtual slots room with up to six players in the room. When a room fills up, a new room is opened immediately so there is never a need to wait for an available space in the slots arcade. Inside the room, you can spin the reels on your own Isis slot machine as you keep an eye on your fellow players at the other machines. On the side of the screen, the chat feature allows all the players to encourage each other as they spin, celebrate each other’s wins, commiserate with their losses, and just generally chat about anything that comes to mind as new online friendships are forged.

The online slot game itself has 5 reels and 40 paylines and features Isis, the ancient Egyptian fertility goddess, as a wild symbol, along with other exquisite hand-painted images symbolizing different aspects of ancient Egyptian mythology. Stacked wilds, scatter wins, free spins, and an accumulating Free Spin Multiplier value add to the mystique of Isis online slots.

Online gamblers around the world are finding that playing Multi-Player Isis means joining a community of friendly like-minded people with a common interest in a great online slots game. All Slots encourages all online slots lovers to come into the casino, say Hello to the goddess of fertility, say Goodbye to the loneliness of the online slots player, and enjoy playing Multi-Player Isis online.

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