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Bonus Magic is Over, Fight Club Begins!

Bonus Magic was a real hit with players in June and July, but now it’s time to bring in some real hitting. Fight Club starts this month at All Slots Casino with 120 weekly winners and a $400 top prize. Here’s how it works:   Every week two slot games face off at Fight Club and you determine the winner. The slot played more earns it’s top ten players double prizes! But you don’t have to be in the top ten to walk away a winner – the top ten on the runner-up slot also win bonuses, and [Read more ...]

Land Based vs. Online Casinos


We asked some of our players from Canada if they prefer to do their gambling at an online casino, or a land based casino. Here’s what they had to say.   Keith J. has this to say, “Definitely land based casino. Cashing out a winning is much easier”   Mary C. did not agree, “At online casinos, you have the entire game selection at your fingertips.  No walking through the crowds.  No trying to find, and failing, that machine that you did well on before and want [Read more ...]

Get ready!


I’m not giving anything away in this post, but I will tell you that even though Bonus Magic is coming to an end, you won’t miss it because our next promotion for August and September is even hotter… [Read more ...]

What is new in online casino banking?

The truth is, not much. We met with most of our banking partners and there weren’t really too many fascinating updates per say. Instadebit continues to be a leader in the world of Canadian online casinos, where as Moneybookers takes the cake in other countries. The biggest hurdle many of the payment providers are trying to overcome now is the world of mobile banking. Trying to take the same interface and package it into a 2×2 mobile screen isn’t always the easiest of feats. Plus, the [Read more ...]

Online Slots in 3D – Your Feedback


So the new Sterling Silver 3D slot game went live and we went straight to our audience to ask them what they thought. Some people didn’t hold back any punches! Shelley R from Toronto said, “I don’t care for the 3D game. It gave me a headache worse than my kids!” Paula W. from Vancouver had this to say, “Tried it, didn’t like it, won’t ever play it again” Unfortunately, the negative feedback goes on and on. Does anybody out there like the new 3D slot game? Give us a shout if you [Read more ...]

Get it While it’s Hot Game!


As we mentioned in a previous post, looks like The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring™ has been on a hot streak since June, paying out in the thousands to several players, and in the tens of thousands to at least two. As they say, get it while it’s hot!  I wonder what happens when a beginner sits down at a hot slot bringing all that beginner’s luck… Other lucky games this past month include Loaded, Soccer Safari, and Monkey King.  Try them all, and see which [Read more ...]

Germana Collects the Bling-bling!


Congratulations to big winners in June at All Slots Casino.  Germana P. collected €17,550 from Loaded, a 25-payline tribute to urban bling.  But Loaded wasn’t the loosest slot game this month. That distinction goes to The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring™, which paid out in 5 digits to Sayed Lotfollah S. and Brenda V. both within a week of each other.  That slot is hot! [Read more ...]

The beautiful game – with beautiful prizes!

Continuing the momentum from the Wimbledon bet refunds, AllYouBet is running a prize draw this July (1st-24th) with a very Latin flavor to celebrate Copa America 2011. For those of you who don’t follow Latin American and South American soccer (or football as they call it), Copa America is an international tournament featuring national teams from Mexico to Chile, which is played over the course of a month until Brazil beats Argentina for the Title. Just kidding, but only by half.  Brazil [Read more ...]

Our Contributors

AS Blog Contributors The goal of the All Slots Casino Blog is to keep All Slots Casino players up to date on everything that’s happening in the casino as well as to share whatever general news and ideas happen to be on our minds. These are the contributors to the All Slots Casino Blog: David Brickman David is the Jackpot Factory Vice President for Player Affairs. The fancy title means that he is the players’ representative to All Slots management, and he makes sure the players are kept [Read more ...]

Brickman “Be in the Know”


It’s been a hectic few weeks here and there is a lot to catch everyone up on. About a month ago was the affiliate super conference in Dublin, Ireland. It was quite an event. We met with a large number of our partners plus has a nice catch up with our good friends in Microgaming. Our work with affiliates is sort of like a dance. You have to march to the same beat. There is a lot of discussion regarding conversion statistics and what the best way to get someone to start playting at our casino. [Read more ...]