Power Spins: Atomic 8s Online Slots

Power Spins: Atomic 8s is a super-dynamic atomic-powered online slots game featuring the Power Spins option that doubles your chances to win by allowing with right-to-left as well as left-to-right winning paylines.

The Power Spins: Atomic 8s Online Slot Machine

Power Spins: Atomic 8s is a 5-reel 9-payline online slot machine with many of the traditional symbols beloved by all slots players: bells, cherries, and single, double and triple bars. In lieu of the traditional Lucky 7s, Power Spins: Atomic 8s takes a step up and introduces blue, grey, and red Lucky 8s. The Red Lucky 8 is a top online slot machine symbol; five Red Lucky 8s on an enabled payline will reward you with a slots jackpot of 4,000 times your bet on that payline.

The familiar tri-foil radioactivity hazard symbol is a Scatter Symbol in Power Spins: Atomic 8s. Two Scatter Symbols appearing anywhere on the five reels of the online slot machine will pay out 18 times your total bet, while three or four Scatter Symbols will pay even more and five Scatter Symbols will pay a powerful 2,700 times your total bet.

Unleash the Power of the Fiery Atom

The Fiery Atom unleashes all the atomic power of the Power Spins: Atomic 8s online slot machine. Three of them on a payline pay 50 times your bet, four pay 500 times, and five Fiery Atoms pays a super-powerful jackpot of 8,000 times your bet.

And, in addition to that, the Fiery Atom is a wild symbol in the Power Spins: Atomic 8s online slot game. It can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning payline, and that’s a wonderful thing when you are playing slots online. It means that if you get a payline of, say, Grey 8-Grey 8-Fiery Atom-Grey 8, it will count as four Lucky Grey 8 symbols and pay out 200 times your bet on that payline. That’s a lot of money to be won in the online slots casino.

Power Spins Double Your Chances with Right-to-Left Wins

In most online slot machines, you can win only when a symbol appears on adjacent reels from left to right, starting at Reel Number 1. That’s also how Power Spins: Atomic 8s works when the Power Spins feature is turned off, So, with Power Spins off, three Blue Lucky 8s on Reels 1-2-3 is a winner, while three Blue Lucky 8s on Reels 5-4-3 is nothing. But when you turn the Power Spins on, you can win either way: left-to-right or right-to-left. With Power Spins on, the Blue Lucky 8s on reels 5-4-3 goes from nothing to a jackpot winner paying 15 times your bet. So the Power Spins feature actually doubles your chances of winning at slots when you play Power Spins: Atomic 8s.

The cost of activating the Power Spins feature is three times the number of coins you have bet per payline. In other words, if you have enabled 9 paylines and wagered 1 coin on each payline, the Power Spin feature will add 3 coins to your wager. So yes, there is a price to pay for Power Spins, but one nice right-to-left win can make it all worthwhile.

Imagine the Jackpot

Just imagine that you are playing Power Spins: Atomic 8s online slots and you get a payline with the symbols, starting at Reel 5 and running right to left: Grey Lucky 8, Grey Lucky 8, Fiery Atom, Grey Lucky 8. Well, if the Fiery Atom didn’t act as a Wild Symbol to become another Grey Lucky 8, that would be a losing payline. And if the Power Spins feature didn’t enable right-to-left winning paylines, it would also be a loser. But the combination of the Fiery Atom wild symbol and Power Spins right-to-left possibilities turns this combination into a big slots jackpot winner. And it could happen to you if you play Power Spins Atomic 8s slots online at All Slots Casino.

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