Finding a Safe Slots Casino

When you play slots online, you want, first and foremost, to have fun. Secondly, it would be nice to win a jackpot. But what you absolutely do NOT want is to have to worry about your money, your identity, or your personal information getting ripped off. That’s why it is so important to find a safe slots casino.

Find a Slots Casino That’s Been Around

The first step in finding a safe slots casino is to find an online slots casino that has been around for a while. It’s easy for a casino to appear one day, rip off its players, and disappear again. A casino that treats its players fairly, on the other hand, will stick around. All Slots Online Casino, for example, has been here since the year 2000. That’s a long time in the fast-changing world of the Internet, and it means the casino has passed the test of time. Players don’t return to the rip-off fly-by-night casinos, and they inevitably have to go out of business.

So if a new online slots casino suddenly appears, you don’t have to be the guinea pig to see if it’s on the up-and-up. Let someone else do that. After a few years, if it’s still around, you can feel fairly confident about playing slots online there.

Check for the eCOGRA Seal of Approval

eCOGRA is the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance association. It is an independent body of specialists who investigate and regulate every aspect of the online casino industry. They give the eCOGRA Seal of Approval only to online casinos that demonstrate compliance with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, security, and fair play. If your online slots casino does not have the eCOGRA Seal of Approval, you are in a dangerous place. Get out of there fast.

Read the Online Casino Reviews

There are plenty of websites and blogs that evaluate the online slots casinos. It pays to take the time and read what they have to say. A reviewer’s opinion is subjective to a certain extent, but still, if you read a lot of negative comments about a particular slots casino, it would be wise to stay away from it. On the other hand, when a reputable reviewer like Online Gambling Insider names All Slots Casino as the Best Slots Casino, you can feel assured that it truly is a safe slots casino.

Read the Payout Reports

The best slots casinos have their payout audited by independent professional auditors and make their payout reports available for your inspection. The payout report indicates total players’ winnings as a percentage of total players’ wagers. If the payout report says 95% it means that, on average, for every $100 that is wagered, $95 is returned to the players as winnings and the remaining $5 goes to the online slots casino for their operating costs and profit.

Remember that the payout percentage is “on average.” It does not mean that a particular online slots player on a particular day is guaranteed to win back $95 for every $100 that he wagers. One player might get lucky playing slots online and hit a $20,000 jackpot. That’s way above average. Another player might have a bad day and do below average. Nevertheless, a high percentage number in the payout report is a good sign that the casino is a safe slots casino with fair games and fair payouts.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Online Slots Casino

Needless to say, online gambling means taking chances. In fact, that is the very definition of “gambling.” Every time you play slots online, you are taking a chance that you might win money or you might lose money. Those types of chances are acceptable, in fact they are exactly what makes gambling fun and exciting — within responsible limits, of course.

But you don’t want to take chances that the online casino will steal your money or fail to pay out your winnings or have rigged games. You don’t want to take chances that the casino will allow someone to steal your identity or access your confidential credit card information. These are the types of chances you can easily avoid by playing only in a safe, secure, and reputable online slots casino like All Slots Casino.

Have Fun Playing Slots Online in a Safe Slots Casino

It takes some work to find a safe slots casino, but it is definitely worth the effort. Once you have found a safe slots casino like All Slots, you’ll find that playing the online slot machines is a wonderful pastime with fun and excitement, fascinating themes, colourful graphics and super sound effects, and, of course, the chance to win real money slots jackpots. So do your homework, and then come to All Slots Casino to play slots online and have a blast.

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