Secret Admirer Online Slots

Is there anything more romantic than having a secret admirer? Someone who adores you from afar, and showers you with gifts, but is too shy to step forward and introduce himself? It’s enough to melt any woman’s heart. Now you can experience that special feeling of being admired by playing the Secret Admirer online slot game.

The Secret Admirer Online Slot Machine Symbols

Romance is the theme of the Secret Admirer online slot machine. The opening video, the romantic background music, and the slot machine symbols all contribute to the theme and set the romantic mood. The online slot machine symbols include a heart-shaped wreath of roses, and a single romantic red rose. There is also a diamond ring, the Secret Admirer heart, a Cupid pendant, and a perfume atomizer. And then there is the mask — the symbol of romantic mystery and intrigue reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet.

Winning at Secret Admirer Online Slots

While your right brain is swooning with gushy romantic feelings for your Secret Admirer, your left brain would like to win some cold hard cash. The Secret Admirer online slots game has special features that make it possible.

First there is the Mask, which is a wild symbol that can complete any winning slots combination. If you get an enabled payline with, for example, Cupid Pendant, Cupid Pendant, Mask, Cupid Pendant, Cupid Pendant, it will count just as if you had five Cupid Pendants. And that means you win 2,500 coins for every coin you bet on the winning payline.

Then there is the Diamond Ring, which is a scatter symbol and also activates the Free Spins bonus game. Scatter symbols and free spins are features that increase your chances to win at slots, and the Diamond Ring does them both together.

Every time you win at Secret Admirer, you will hear the sweet and romantic strumming of the harp. You will also have the chance to simply collect your winnings, or to gamble double-or-nothing by guessing the color of the playing card. If you win your gamble, you may gamble again and try to double your winnings again. Your slots winnings can really add up with a couple of successful gambles on this online slots game.

Enjoy Playing Slots Online with your Secret Admirer

Playing slots online with Secret Admirer is a wonderful entertainment for the romantic at heart. And, after all, who among us is not a romantic at heart? Combining those special feelings of secret romance with realistic possibilities of winning real money payouts, Secret Admirer is a casino slots game that you are sure to enjoy playing over and over.

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