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The Best Parental Control Apps of 2019

Kids have lots of access to digital media nowadays.

Source: Pixabay The current generation of children have more access to digital technology than any that went before it. Although internet-based services are extremely helpful for children in many ways – they can access learning resources, communicate with their friends and find age-appropriate entertainment, for example – there is undoubtedly a darker side to consider. Few, if any, parents would be comfortable with their children happening upon adult-only content. Equally, parents need to [Read more ...]

How Ringtones Grab Your Attention

Smartphone ringtones effect on us

Source: Pixabay You probably have a ringtone picked out for your phone. Something unique, recognisable, and triggering an instinctive reaching response from your hand. In most cases these days, it’s rare that two phones have the same ringtone. At least not two in the same place, at the same time. But it was not so long ago that many phones sounded almost identical. Back when having the freedom to choose your own ringtone was not commonplace, and most simply stuck with the default. These were [Read more ...]