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What Makes A Brand Great?

Iconic brands are instantly recognisable

Source: Pixabay Who would have thought a brand with an apple logo with a bite out of it could win big time? Imagine a row of apples on the fruit machine in the slots casino, ching, ching as you hit the jackpot. Brand image and how simple it is, often influences consumers’ decisions and can be the WOW factor for a company’s success. Brand consultancy firm, Interbrand, published the results of the top 10 world brands in 2019. It looked at three main factors – current brand strength – [Read more ...]

Are Instagram Influencers Really Just Peddling Advertisements?

The influencers

Author: The Influencers Almost from the very beginning, social media has been involved in rewriting the rules of online advertising. Brands developed blogs, responded to comments, developed communities and soon realised that social media activity could often develop a momentum of its own. The first brand ambassadors and influencers were essentially savvy online users who realised that building their own networks of thousands of fans and followers would sooner or later attract the attention of [Read more ...]