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The Top 10 Films at the 2019 Venice Film Festival

The 2019 Venice Festival line-up

Source: Nextbestpicture The 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival kicks off on 29th August and ends on 7th September. With the official announcement of the international movie line-up, the festival is taking shape. Long-awaited releases will feature in the anticipated fall film season with the likes of Brad Pitt’s drama ‘Ad Astra’ and DC’s standalone movie ‘Joker’ setting the scene for an exciting festival. So why not take a break from your favourite [Read more ...]

The Five Greatest Successful Casino Scams

blackjack cards

Source: Pixabay There have always been those out to deceive others and profit from the experience. After all, as Gandhi’s famous comment goes: “There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need, but not for man’s greed”. And that’s certainly true of casinos where there has been an eternal cat and mouse game between scammers and casino security. So here are five of the greatest casino scams which prove scammers are prepared go to enormous lengths to stack the odds in their favour. [Read more ...]

Online Slots 101

The original land based video slots

Source: Pixabay There was a time when slots were large, mechanical contraptions that worked with cogs and wheels, and were massively restricted in the entertainment they offered. But times have changed. Slots turned digital, drastically increasing their entertainment value thanks to added visual effects and advanced sound. Not long after they went digital, they went online. That’s where we are today. There are a huge number of amazing slots just waiting to be played, and if you’ve never [Read more ...]

We have a HO HO HOST of fun for you this December!


With a plethora of promotions, tournaments and thrilling game releases, excitement will certainly be present at All Slots Online Casino this December. 1. Scratch your way to big casino prizes This festive season, enter our Scratch2Win promotion and win a share of 400,000 Euros in guaranteed prizes that include Free Spins, Rewards points and credits. Simply, wager and play your favourite games and earn Rewards points to unlock 1 of 60 instant scratch cards. Each time your progress [Read more ...]

Some of the most haunted cities in the world

Woman with an axe

Credit: Halloween month is upon us and if you are traveling or planning to, visit some of the haunted cities on the list to make your trip more memorable. Some people believe in the supernatural world, some don’t. Be warned, if you are not a believer, this list might change your mind. London, England Credit: London has the reputation of being one of the most haunted capitals in the world and has numerous ghost stories to give you the chills for a while. [Read more ...]

New upcoming movies

Old Movie reel

Credit: Brace yourself for some exquisite offerings straight from Hollywood that will keep you entertained all the way through to the new year. Marvel and DC Comics have been going head to head and seem to be dominating the list. From the Star Wars fans to the comedy fanatics, everyone has a blockbuster to look forward to. Get your dates right and start planning your movie calendar. Aquaman Credit: Get ready for some underwater action! DC Comics are hard at [Read more ...]

Monster Hunt – win your share of €400,000

Monster Hunt Promotion at All Slots Online Casino

Another month, another fantastic promotion at Fortune Lounge Casinos! This October, All Slots Casino – the best place for online gambling, is giving you a chance to win your share of €400,000 in instant prizes while hunting monsters…    The Monster Hunt premise is simple: you can win guaranteed prizes such as Free Spins, casino credits and Rewards points for every monster you unlock when you play at the casino throughout the [Read more ...]

Best Gambling Books for Real-life Tips

Best Gambling Books

Image – courtesy of High stakes gambling is synonymous with fast men and fast money… here today, gone tomorrow. It’s an exciting, intoxicating world that’s spawned novels, how-to guides, TV shows and movies. Legends like Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S Thompson not only immortalised gambling in their copious collection of books, they lived – and loved – gambling to the full.  Today, a new coterie of stars has taken [Read more ...]

Win a trip to The Strip

Win a trip to the strip with All Slots Online Casino

Another month, another awesome All Slots promotion! If you are reading this, you have most likely dreamed of going to Las Vegas… Well, this could be your big chance to score a trip to the Strip. In July 2017, All Slots Online Casino is giving its players a chance to win 15 double trips to the Strip, each worth €6,500. On top of that, there are instant prizes such as Free Spins, Rewards points and Credits worth €300,000 to be won! Are you interested? Of course, you are! Here’s what [Read more ...]

Galactic Gamble: blast through space for your share of €200k

Galactic Gamble: blast through space for your share of €200k

The Galactic Gamble runs from 8 to 30 June for a chance to travel through space for your share of Free Spins, Rewards points and credits. Log into your account to explore the outer limits this month. Rule the galaxy! So, what’s Galactic Gamble about? Well, if you’re into space travel and cool prizes, then you won’t want to miss out on this chance to play. The promotion is open to all existing All Slots players, so log into your account and visit the Win from €200 message this month to [Read more ...]