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The Best Parental Control Apps of 2019

Kids have lots of access to digital media nowadays.

Source: Pixabay The current generation of children have more access to digital technology than any that went before it. Although internet-based services are extremely helpful for children in many ways – they can access learning resources, communicate with their friends and find age-appropriate entertainment, for example – there is undoubtedly a darker side to consider. Few, if any, parents would be comfortable with their children happening upon adult-only content. Equally, parents need to [Read more ...]

The Lessons to Be Learned From the Momo Challenge


Source:Nouvel Obs The internet is full of dangers for children so it is little wonder that parents fall for hoaxes sometimes which target their worst fears, such as the Momo challenge. Of course, much of the fuss over Momo spread over social media sites like Facebook. Although Facebook is supposed to have a minimum age requirement of 13, insufficient checks are carried out to verify the ages of users unlike the more stringent checks that are in place at casinos and other adult-only online [Read more ...]