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The Top 10 Films at the 2019 Venice Film Festival

The 2019 Venice Festival line-up

Source: Nextbestpicture The 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival kicks off on 29th August and ends on 7th September. With the official announcement of the international movie line-up, the festival is taking shape. Long-awaited releases will feature in the anticipated fall film season with the likes of Brad Pitt’s drama ‘Ad Astra’ and DC’s standalone movie ‘Joker’ setting the scene for an exciting festival. So why not take a break from your favourite [Read more ...]

Five Great Gambling Movies You Need To Watch

Casino Royale

Source: connectedtoindia If you’re looking for the pulse-pounding thrill and blood-pumping exhilaration that can be found on the casino floor but prefer to stay in the comfortable confines of your home and experience it from your couch, there are literally hundreds of gambling-themed movies you can choose from. Hollywood has churned out a number of great films that centre round the protagonist throwing caution to the wind, laying it all on the line and letting Lady Luck decide their [Read more ...]

Popular Songs About Gambling

Popular Songs About Gambling

Source: kickstarter Music often makes an event seem even more poignant. With gambling, the thrill is already there, but music can definitely add to the experience. From Frank Sinatra to Motörhead, and from country to pop, many singers have added to the list of great gambling songs. To give you the edge, we’ve narrowed down our top favourite for you to listen to. Lady Gaga – Poker Face Poker Face was released in 2009 and was a defining song of the year, launching Lady Gaga into instant [Read more ...]

Proposed Hawaii Loot Box Ban Makes Sense

Loot boxes cause controversy

Source: Some forms of entertainment, most of us agree, should be reserved for adults. Gambling is high on the list of pleasures we don’t believe are appropriate for minors, and that’s why the leading online casinos all practise age verification. Only consenting adults get to play the casino games available at All Slots Casino, and that’s the way it should be at all reputable gambling and betting sites online. With that in mind, the two bills recently introduced by the Hawaiian [Read more ...]

Best Gambling Books for Real-life Tips

Best Gambling Books

Image – courtesy of High stakes gambling is synonymous with fast men and fast money… here today, gone tomorrow. It’s an exciting, intoxicating world that’s spawned novels, how-to guides, TV shows and movies. Legends like Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S Thompson not only immortalised gambling in their copious collection of books, they lived – and loved – gambling to the full.  Today, a new coterie of stars has taken [Read more ...]