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10 tips to boost your luck at the casino

Lady Luck is a fickle mistress and we all have our little tricks to win her over and keep her happy. Lucky socks, tapping routines and magic words whispered just as the spins start to slow down. Over the years, I have seen many players sticking to those because they work for them. These is the list of the 10 most popular tips to get lucky at the casino or when playing slots.

  1. Wearing clothes of a given color. From what I have seen, yellow and red are the most popular lucky colors among slot players.
  2. Not wearing clothes of a given color. Oddly enough, yellow is also widely considered an “unlucky” color.
  3. Wearing your shoes on the wrong feet. Uncomfortable, but if you are sitting for hours on a lucky strike, who cares?
  4. Drinking your lucky cocktail, whatever it is. A drink or cocktail that you only drink while playing because it brings you luck.
  5. Tapping your fingers a specific number of times before hitting the spin button.
  6. Scratching the palm of the hand you use to spin.
  7. Playing with a person that brings you luck.
  8. Choosing your game or table according to a pre-set order: always the third slot in a row, always the third blackjack table as you enter the casino…
  9. Carrying an amulet or lucky charm while playing. I have seen bracelets and pins but also children toys, old match boxes, garlic cloves and even once, the proverbial rusty horse shoe; I am not kidding.
  10. Playing depending on the weather. Storms seem to be particularly auspicious in regards to bringing good luck to slot players.

The list may go on but these ones above are, in my experience, some of the most common lucky charms to attract luck and big winnings while playing at the casino.  Of course, my colleagues from the game developing department say that these tricks don’t work at all, as the game odds are the result of complex mathematical calculations. Try them at your own risk and let me know what you do for luck in the comment section below.