Track & Field Mouse Online Fruit Machine

Track & Field Mouse is actually three online fruit machine games in one. And since each of the games involves two rounds of game play, you can bet that you’re in for some major online fruit machine action when you play Track & Field Mouse.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Online Fruit Machine Games

In the first round of the Track & Field Mouse fruit machine game, you are not spinning for cash but for WinSpins. As you will see later on, it is during Round II that you convert your WinSpins into real cash jackpots, which of course is the ultimate goal in all online fruit machine games.

Round I of Track & Field Mouse is played on a 3-reel fruit machine with one Win Line. You may choose to play the Gold game, the Silver game, or the Bronze game. Use the Plus or Minus button to select your bet amount, and then click spin to set the game in motion.

Winning Fruit Machine WinSpins

If you get three of the same fruit machine symbol on the Win Line, you win WinSpins. How many WinSpins can you win? That depends, first, on which Track & Field Mouse game you have chosen to play and, second, on which winning symbol you hit. For example, if you are playing the Gold game and you hit three plums on the Win Line, you will win 15 WinSpins. If you are playing Silver, three plums wins 12 WinSpins, and if you are playing Bronze, three plums will get you 5 WinSpins.

The top fruit machine symbol is our fast-running high-jumping rodent friend himself, the Track & Field Mouse. Three Track & Field Mouse symbols on the Win Line wins 50 WinSpins if you are playing the Gold game, 30 if you are playing Silver, and 10 if you are playing Bronze.

Track & Field Mouse Fruit Machine Features

The Gold, Silver, and Bronze games in Track & Field Mouse all have the special features that you look for in top online fruit machines including Hold, Nudge, Nudge Bank, and Gamble Nudge. These are the features that distinguish fruit machines from ordinary online slot machines, and that help put you in control of your fruit machine fortunes.

WinSpins Means Fruit Machine Jackpots

When you win WinSpins, a new screen appears to launch Round II of Track & Field Mouse: The WinSpins Round. You will now see a fruit machine with not one, but five winning paylines: three horizontal and two diagonal. You’ll see new fruit machine symbols too, pertaining to the Track & Field Mouse’s track-and-field exploits: a stop watch, a pair of running shoes, an Olympic torch, and a 1st Place medallion. The one constant is that the Track & Field Mouse is still the top online fruit machine symbol. Three Track & Field Mice on a payline will win you 500 times the amount of your bet. That sounds like a gold-medal fruit-machine jackpot.

A great thing about the Track & Field Mouse online fruit machine is that every WinSpin is guaranteed to be a winner. Maybe that’s why they call them WinSpins: every spin wins. Of course some WinSpins will win more than others, but every WinSpin is certain to win something. And that means that your fruit machine jackpots are sure to add up as you play your WinSpins in Round II of Track & Field Mouse.

Play Track & Field Mouse Fruit Machine Online

It’s great fun to play the Track & Field Mouse fruit machine online at All Slots Casino With Gold, Silver, and Bronze games to choose from, with Hold and Nudge features to help you along, with guaranteed-jackpot WinSpins, and with the zany character of the Track & Field Mouse himself, Track & Field Mouse is a pure gold-medal online slot machine game.

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