Untamed: Wolf Pack Online Slots

Untamed: Wolf Pack is a 5-reel online slots game that features eye-boggling graphics of the Canadian Wolf in his habitat, along with 243 Ways to Win, free spins, and the Collect a Wild, Nudge, Running Wilds, and Your Gamble features.

The Untamed: Wolf Pack Slot Machine Images

The Untamed: Wolf Pack slot machine in All Slots Online Casino has stunning images of the noble Canadian Wolf and the adorable Canadian Wolf cubs, as well as additional images of the moose that is the wolf’s prey and the pristine Canadian forests that comprise his habitat. These amazing works of art will make you feel like you are there in the Canadian wilderness with the wolf pack.

Ways to Win at Untamed: Wolf Pack Slots

Instead of paylines, Untamed: Wolf Pack has 243 Ways to Win. A Way to Win occurs when three or more of the same symbol appear on successive reels starting with the first reel. The advantage over paylines is that those symbols do not need to fall into any particular pattern and it doesn’t matter where on the reels — top, middle, or bottom — they appear. They just need to be on adjacent reels and you have a Way to Win.

Wild Symbols and Collect a Wild

The Untamed: Wolf Pack logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for other symbols to create a Way to Win. And, with the Collect-a-Wild feature, every time a wild symbol appears on a reel, a Wild Icon will appear in the counter below the reel. When you collect four Wild Icons below any reel, that entire reel turns wild and remains wild for the next four spins. That means a lot of Ways to Win and a lot of jackpots could be coming your way for four consecutive spins of the online slot machine reels.

Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, Nudge, and Running Wilds

The Eye of the Wolf is a scatter symbol in the Untamed: Wolf Pack online slot game. Three or more Eye of the Wolf symbols scattered anywhere, even if they are not on adjacent reels, will give you a payout and also give you 10 free spins.

And what if you have only two scatter symbols, and there is a third one that just missed. It could be just above the top of the visible symbols, or just below the bottom. In either case, the Nudge feature will gently nudge it into place and there you go: three scatter symbols, a payout, and 10 free spins.

Once the free spins start, the Running Wilds feature starts running. On your first free spin, the Untamed: Wolf Pack wild symbol will run in stacks of three. After that, the stacks will grow by one wild symbol on each free spin, culminating in stacks of twelve wild symbols by the tenth free spin. And that’s sure to mean lots of winning ways and lots of free-spin slots jackpots.

It’s Your Gamble with your Untamed: Wolf Pack Winnings

Another great when you play slots online with Untamed: Wolf Pack is the Your Gamble feature. After every winning spin, you may simply collect your payout or you may gamble for an even bigger payout. Your Gamble gives you the flexibility to decide how much of your payout to gamble with, at what odds, and for what payout. The opportunity to gamble your winnings your way makes winning at slots even more exciting.

Play Wild Untamed Slots at All Slots

All Slots Casino has a wide selection of online slots action, including the Untamed series of wildlife-themed online slot machines including Untamed: Bengal Tiger, Untamed: Giant Panda, and Untamed: Wolf Pack. So take a wild ride with wild online slot games at All Slots and find some wild untamed online slots adventure.

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