Wheel of Wealth Online Multiplayer Slots

Online slots has long been a great form of online gambling entertainment, and Wheel of Wealth Special Edition, in particular, is a really fun online slot game. And now Wheel of Wealth Special Edition is even more special with Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots at All Slots Casino.

A Cure for the Loneliness of the Online Slots Player

Playing slots online always was, and always will be, an exciting pastime as you pit your slots skills and luck against the machine in the pursuit of real-money slots jackpots. But sometimes playing online slots can get a little bit lonely. Sometimes you yearn for a little companionship. Well, thanks to Wheel of Wealth Multi-Player Slots, the loneliness of the online slots player is over.

Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots is played in a virtual online slots room with up to six players. You can organize a group of your friends to play together in a room, or you can just join a room and make new online slots friends from different countries, cultures, and time zones around the world.

Regardless of whether you’re playing with your old friends or with new friends, you can be sure that you’ll never be lonely when you play Wheel of Wealth multi-player online slots. All the players in the room can watch each other’s spins, cheer each other’s wins, and chat with one another while they play the online slot machines.

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth community slots is the cure for the loneliness of the online slots player.

The Wheel of Wealth Online Slot Machine

Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth is played on the Wheel of Wealth Special Edition online slot machine. This is a 5-reel 25-payline slot machine that features luxurious symbols of great wealth, such as diamonds, gold bars, wads of cash, a private plane, and a sports car. It supplements these with the traditional fruit machine symbols: oranges, lemons, cherries, apples, grapes, and watermelon.

The special Wheel of Wealth symbol is a wild symbol; it can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots combination. It can also be a winning slot machine symbol on its own. Five Wheel of Wealth symbols on a payline will pay out a slots jackpot of 2,000 times the amount of your payline bet.

The Scatter Coin is another special symbol in this online slots game. Three or more Scatter Coins appearing anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine will win you jackpot, even if they are not on a payline.

The Wheel of Wealth Online Slots Bonus Game

The Wheel of Wealth bonus game is the most exciting part of Wheel of Wealth multi-player slots. That’s the part where everybody in the room gets together to share the wealth and win real money slots jackpots.

To qualify for the Wheel of Wealth bonus game, you must hold a Bonus Multiplier. You obtain a Bonus Multiplier every time you get two or more Scatter Coins on a regular spin. Your Bonus Multiplier is equal to the number of coins you have wagered on each payline. Thus, if you wagered 10 coins per payline, and you get two or more Scatter Coins appearing on the slot machine, you are awarded a Bonus Multiplier of 10. The next time you get two or more Scatter Coins your Bonus Multiplier will go up to 20, the time after that to 30, and so on.

The Wheel of Wealth bonus game is randomly activated. It is played on a big wheel divided into 20 segments. This, of course, is the famous Wheel of Wealth. Each segment of the wheel has a random Bonus Value. Each qualified player is invited to place a needle somewhere along the circumference of the wheel. The wheel then spins around and spins around and finally stops. Each player wins the Bonus Value indicated by his particular needle, multiplied by his Bonus Multiplier.

For example, if your Bonus Multiplier is 30, and your needle points to Bonus Value 100, you win 3,000 coins. Someone else in the room might have a Bonus Multiplier of 5 and have her needle pointing at Bonus Value 200, so she wins 1,000 coins. The one thing that is for certain is that when the Wheel of Wealth bonus game is activated, every qualified player in the room will win a prize.

Play Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots at All Slots

All Slots Casino is the place to play the Wheel of Wealth multiplayer community slots game. Escape from the loneliness of the online slots player. Play with your friends or make some new online slots friends. You’ll all be collecting multipliers and winning bonus jackpots together in a community environment of sharing and camaraderie. It is truly a wonderful way to play slots online.

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